. Sun protection 

. Cooling 

.  Darkening 

. Insulation 

.  Anti-glare 

  . Easy to clean  to 

.  Durability  to 

.  Humidity  to 


.  Affordability 

.  Anti-corrosion  to 

  .  Close fit 

.  Motorisation available

Poor    Not ideal   Average  

Good   Excellent

Note: Ratings only indicative and are dependent on fabrics chosen as well as individual environments


  • Our aluminium slatting is a high-grade aluminium alloy.
  • .21 mm is the standard thickness of the slat.
  • High quality spring back allows for the slat to withstand the day to day stresses on the blind.


  • Extremely robust aluminium head and bottom rail.
  • All components are galvanised steel or industrial grade plastics.
  • Cords and ladder strings are highly specialised yarn dyed polyester.
  • Ladder tapes (50mm only) are highly decorative and made with yarn dyed polyester.
  • Installation brackets are easy to install swivel brackets also galvanised to ensure long life.
  • Hold down brackets are brass plated spring steel with stainless steel pins
  • Venetian blinds are versatile when it comes to controlling light and you can control the exact amount that suits you, you can block light completely by closing the slats, tilt for diffused lighting, raise the blind to leave the window clear or close for privacy.
  • Aluminium Venetians are effective reflectors of heat, particularly in light and metallic colours making them great energy savers.
  • Venetian blinds have a classic look that never dates or goes out of style.
  • Venetian blinds are perfect for home and office application and help to control heat, making them an energy efficient choice.
  • The versatility of Venetian blinds makes them suitable for any room in a house, but they are particularly effective in rooms such as kitchens. They can be fitted to a window of any size from small to large. They are not recommended for very large openings, such as French or patio doors and other glass doors. These openings should rather be fitted with vertical panel blinds.

50mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Luminos aluminium Venetian blinds are made from a specialised aluminium alloy.


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